artist statement

David Dalzell is a visual artist, working mostly in paint, ink and photography.

David enjoys moving from one medium to another, from playing with the gentle flow of ink into watercolour, to the physical movement of the camera whilst capturing an image.

Painting outside in the landscape helps him to create the mood of a piece. And more recently, David’s abstract photographic work has been enhanced by infusing his art with light. Incorporating photographs within light boxes and changing the colour of the light, shifts both the form and colour of the art. This creates more energetic, three dimensional, vibrant images and helps the viewer experience the original situation.

“As a trained biological scientist, I like to experiment with my art. I now enjoy painting with light as well as pigments and ink – capturing daytime landscape images as well as night time images from artificial light sources and using my body movement to create the image. It helps me create images not only during the day, but also at night – transforming the dark times into wonderfully bright images as well.

I am fascinated by the patterns inherent in nature and how they can be seen at both the small and large scale. I enjoy capturing these patterns and reflecting on them, as well as using different media to re-create them.

By paying particular attention to the moments when boundaries blur can often evoke more meditative art pieces.”

February 2014

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