Saturday, 18 June 2016

Meeting Maude

Well, the house sold last Tuesday. It took a little longer than I had first thought, but not that long that all my patience ran out - needed to keep focussed and head towards the assumed leaving date and so that meant where to find my mobile home...nomadic life beckons.

Maude Cyndey McLouis in her finery
So I went looking both online and in the real world and saw quite a few. 2 berths, 4 berths and 6 berths, older, newer, and ended up in Perth, the apparent mecca when it comes to motorhomes in Scotland. After a very timely visit from my friend Steven (who has had experience of caravans and motorhomes) who wisely warned me of the rusting nature of Ford Transits and Mercedes, I felt more fore-armed!

Private sales for something this big seemed too big a risk (not big enough for a solicitor, but big enough to warrant a dealer). They were very busy, and motorhomes were moving quick, which was a good sign. My friend Tammy had agreed to chum me, and I hoped I had not asked her to come along on a fool's errand if the ones I had been looking for were already gone.

I was told that although they may still appear as live on the website, if they had been sold, they are not taken down until people drive them away. So I could have been looking at the past chances. Lesson learned, phone through and don't rely on email!

I took a breath at that point and reminded myself I had a back-up plan of another dealer in the area if  I had needed it.

However, we saw a couple of vehicles, one that seemed very claustrophobic - an autosleeper, which I am now beginning to smugly know - given my 2 days exhaustive research on the matter making me 'officially in the know', is more of a day camper. The other was better, but only a 2 berth so would have to put the bed out and back each time and again not alot of space to work if I wanted to.

Then, after asking one of the very helpful staff at ScotMotorhomes, we were guided to the very back of the lot. Tucked away and hidden a bit from sight, there was the Fiat Ducato that I had seen online during my searching, and the one that I had wanted to find. Larger inside than the feel of some others I had seen, I got that immediate positive feeling. All the seating and the upholstery looked taken care of. Only 52,000 on the clock.She seemed to have been waiting for me. Nice outer condition, fridge freezer, hob and grill, heating (which can come off the engine to heat up the storage when driving, have to remember to switch it on before driving...that'll probably catch me out:-) and best of all, a bed above the cabin that was very roomy - with a window and view! Plus spare double in the main area for guests! Tammy had to reign me back in a bit before I gave all my money away and helped me negotiate the price down. Invaluable, as I am a man still practicing the art of haggling. Thanks Tammy!

However, I hope you agree that Maude Cydney McLouis is fabulous, and I hope to aim for a nice 1950's design look for her as I go on...enamelled cups and plates...the lot. Soon, I shall go and pick her up. Until then, she'll be safe in her bay, and I shall begin thinking of which throws I shall take for the seats!